Sissy Boy Forced Cock Milking in His Panties

Sissy Boy Forced Cock Milking

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In this movie Maitresse Madeline converts a rough and tumble guy from New Jersey into a proper little sissy slut maid. The guy is put through erotic humiliation and made to perform naughty sex acts before being forced to spunk in his panties!

If the rest of the movies on this site have not already pushed your buttons, then this one will take you over the edge. This particular movie is really a complete departure from anything you have ever seen. Imagine with me for a moment. What if I challenged your manhood in such a way that your pride was slowly peeled away and all that was left was a memory of what used to be and in its place was a pure little sissy maid prepared to serve anybody and everyone on a whim? In this video Maitresse Madeline skilfully and erotically does this to Will, a rough and tough dude from New Jersey. He arrives as Will and departs as Ginger. In-between, what occurs is a humiliating but arousing transformation in to the world of forced feminization and sissification. This movie is filled with OTK spanking in panties, smooth sensual stockings, erotic humiliation, forced cock milking, dirty cummy panties and major strap-on ass pounding. This is one guy’s voyage towards true devotion, he's willing to please his domme in EVERYTHING she wishes.

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Psycho Girlfriend Administers Forced Cock Milking Discipline

This video shows another insane girlfriend administering forced cock milking discipline to her unfaithful partner. In terms of psychotic chicks it will take you a long time to discover one as crazy as this English chick. This lady genuinely gives the guy a lot of hardcore verbal and physical punishment before finally forcing him to cum after one of the most extreme forced hand jobs I have ever witnessed.

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Girl Gives Agonizing Hand-job Punishment

When this hot girl realizes her boyfriend's credit card statement has several mysterious purchases on it she decides that a painful hand job punishment is exactly what the guy needs. The chick assaults him with punches, dick slapping, ball slapping and much more until the guy is practically begging for forgiveness. Eventually the boyfriend is forced to cum just from the pure friction of her efforts and he finally reaches a nearly pleasure-less cum shot.

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Young Slave boy Milked and Forced to Cum by Two Femdom Bitches

Young Slave Boy Milked

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During this video an eighteen yr old male slave is chewed up and spat out by two hot nympho Bitches and forced to jizz without them even touching his penis!

Just what do most eighteen yr old boys wish and dream for? To be fucked by two scorching femdom babes at the same time!! Cody might only be eighteen years of age but he dreams of being dominated and used by strong, attractive women. He's forced to strip for a bit of CFNM humiliation. As soon as he does, they realise he already has his cock and balls bound. Can you believe that? What a fucking little slut! They tie him up, beat him, dispense CBT and tease him with their very hot latex clad bodies. Cody is subsequently double team strap-on butt fucked. He then has his prostate milked until he is forced to explode without them actually touching his cock!

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Strict Tutor Forces Student To Cum

When the busty biology teacher notices her male student checking out her cleavage and peeping up her mini-skirt she decides to teach the guy a lesson. The teacher forces him to take out the erection he's been secretly hiding under the desk and then forces him to sit there in embarrassment while she chastises him for being a filthy pervert. To ensure the guy is suitably disciplined she starts to abuse his cock and balls with hard slaps of her hand. In spite of his humiliation the student discovers his dick is getting even harder...

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Forced Cock Milking and Strapon Anal

Forced Cock Milking and Strapon Anal

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Male slave is CBT'ed, single tailed, forced to ejaculate from strap-on anal fucking and then teased and denied by Mistress January Seraph

Mistress January Seraph returns and on this occasion She is paired with male slave Jessie Sparkles. The energy in the place that day was electric and the connection between these two was palpable. Forcing Jessie to his limits January pushes each one of his buttons by using her specialist skills. CBT, single tail, breath play, sensory deprivation, strap on anal, prostate milking, forced cock milking and tease and denial are all involved!

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