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Welcome to Forced Cock Milking - a site featuring videos of women milking cock and forced femdom handjobs. We cover everything from cock milking tables and bondage to CFNM handjobs and forced male orgasms. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find a forced cock milking video that will get you cock standing to attention and your balls ready to pump!

Slave Boy Trampled, Smothered and Forced to Orgasm

Slave Boy Trampled

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This video features a male sex slave being trampled, smothered and subjected to a forced unintended orgasm. Amazing ebony domina Nyomi Banxxx tramples and smothers her pretty male sub with her large circular fat butt and fucks him senseless!

Goddess Nyomi Banxxx graces us with her power once more and this time the mistress ball busts slave boy Lance into submission! No holds barred and all powerful Nyomi whips, tramples and humiliates Lance at her feet. He is tied up in tight bondage, cock and balls abused and strap on butt fucked so deep she makes this pretty boy ugly. However, lucky for Lance he does have such a cute face and Nyomi wastes little time planting her perfectly round voluptuous ass directly on his face smothering him in between her cheeks then using his penis for her own enjoyment. Lance becomes so excited that he is forced to spunk – shooting his dirty slave boy load so far that it inadvertently lands on Nyomi's large boobs. Of course his pretty face must get smothered by her jizz covered tits as punishment!

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Made to Eat His Own Cum

Made to Eat His Own Cum

Hot Wet Tease Video - Click Here

In this video a red hot domina wearing red wet latex teases, denies then ruins her slave's orgasm and also forces him to swallow his own spunk!

Domina Nicki Hunter is back and hotter then ever wearing red hot wet latex! Brand new slave boy, Michael Bridalveil, does not stand a chance when he strolls into her lair clueless as can be. He is rendered weak by Nicki's elegance, brains and female superiority and stumbles around powerless while being made to undress (CFNM), humiliated and whipped into submission. He's made to lick clean and worship her latex and then her fragrant butt! Nicki painfully rides Michael’s tight asshole with a strap on dildo. Nicki then skillfully teases and denies his cock over and over again sending him to the edge of orgasm until eventually he is forced to burst his cock filth by accident and is subsequently made to clean it up just like a good slave should!

Made to Eat His Own Cum - Click Here

Femdom Masturbation Instruction and Orgasm Control

Femdom Masturbation Instruction

Female Domination Masturbation POV Video - Watch Now

This FemDom POV video provides awesome masterbation instruction and remarkable ejaculation control training. Mistress Lorelei Lee demands YOU worship her feet and ass and then teaches you a lesson in masterbation – but can you hold back your own climax until you are granted permission to cum?

This particular video is a different style of interactive femdom putting YOU in the hot seat! Have you ever imagined what it would be like for a really hot Domina to dominate you? Have you ever longed for her to take charge of your cock, your masturbating habits and your thoughts??!! You will wait no more! Sit like a good boy and look and learn as Mistress Lorelei demands foot worship, ass worship, devotion, naughty masturbation instructions, strap-on ass fucking, paddling, spanking and then making use of your prick as her sex toy! Do not get too comfy slave boy, Mistress Lorelei Lee is the owner of your cock and your ejaculation and only she can determine when you are allowed to cum!

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100 New Femdom Videos - The English Mansion

Guys, I have just heard that Mistress Sidonia from The English Mansion is doing a special Xmas promo involving two feature updates per day over the next 50 days (starts today, 22nd Nov 2012). That's 100 brand new scenes featuring 25 different Dominas in total. You won't get a better offer than this for a long time so jump on it now while you've got the chance.

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CBT Extreme

Forced to Ejaculate by Milking

Forced to Ejaculate by Milking

Gia Dimarco Administers a Milking - Click Here

The horniest section of this movie is the forced prostate milking. Gia Dimarco milks the prostate of her male slave until he is forced to burst his cock filth without her actually touching his prick!

Jesse Carl has always been a slave boy with a cocky attitude and a smirk on his face. He doesn't talk very much but his thoughts are written all over his face. For his third day training with the Divine Bitches he was paired with their freshest bitch Gia "The Rebel" Dimarco. Gia is a rebellious renegade style of chick who is able to dish it out in ways you have seldom witnessed before. In the video Jesse has his testicles tied up tight, receives an OTK spanking and is totally teased with no mercy by Gia's red hot body. As if that's insufficient Gia milks Jesse's prostate so hard he spunks without her even touching his cock once! She then uses his cock for her enjoyment riding it until she squirts like a bitch on heat.

Forced to Ejaculate by Milking - Click Here

Forced Femdom Party with 40 Females!

Forced Femdom Party with 40 Females!

Extreme Public Female Domination Party - Watch Here

Today's forced femdom scene features probably the most extreme public femdom party ever captured on film! With 40 dominant females forcing their male slaves into complete and utter submission this is one female domination extravaganza you DON'T want to miss!

For those who missed Maitresse Madeline's and Goddess Aiden Starr's LIVE and PUBLIC birthday bash you may wait no more! This is the 3rd LIVE and PUBLIC femdom gathering Madeline has hosted and it was undoubtedly the best! This version is edited right to all the very best video footage of that wild and crazy night! Forty ladies join Maitresse Madeline, Goddess Aiden Starr, Mistress Lorelei Lee and Mistress Gia Dimarco along with three muscle bound slave boys for an evening of total femdom debauchery. Each of the women participate with whipping, spanking, forced humiliation, cock and ball torture, foot worship, ass worship and a strap on anal gang bang!

Forced Femdom Party with 40 Females! - Click Here